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Top Ten Reasons Felicia Should Tell Mac to Take a Hike

10) Many more eligible men than women in Port Charles
 9) Mac has trouble keeping property rights straight
 8) He keeps half her tips
 7) He has never apologized for that idiotic hot-dog date
 6) Not enough room in the closet for her shoes with his 
    unused cricket equipment cluttering the floor
 5) The blank stare he gets when she uses the word
 4) For some reason he thinks flying with him is safer than
 3) RYAN'S moods were easier to predict
 2) Judging from his expanding waistline he could probably
    use a hike
And the number one reason Felicia should tell Mac to take a hike:
 1) Frisco still eager to reunite
"Oh, you've brought us to....our place of employment."
Felicia Jones
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