Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Escape Plans Luke Rejected For Frank Smith's Breakout:

10) Hiring Steven Seagal to do it
 9) Bribe prison guards with muffins (special Felicia Jones
 8) He and Sonny dress up as clowns and smuggle Frank out
    during magic act
 7) Teach Foster (alias Snarl) to fetch Crime Lords
 6) See if Frank has a twin brother
 5) Tell Sean that Frank's second cousin by marriage on his
    mother's side is dying an agonizing death from the
    effects of heat stroke in northern Tibet (where he'd
    gone to study the mating habits of Yaks) and he has to
    get him there right away because the cousin insists on
    having the only ordained minister in the Smith family
    there with him
 4) Interrupt broadcast of Oprah, leave under cover of
    ensuing riot
 3) Tell the guards their shoelaces are untied
 2) Get Sonny to do his uncanny imitation of Marlene
And the number one escape plan Luke rejected for Frank
Smith's breakout:
 1) Use a "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card
"Trust me." Luke
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