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Top Ten Reasons Tony Should Dump Bobbie

10) Nice and Easy has decided to permanently discontinue
    that hair color
 9) She never wore that slut dress for him
 8) Bobbie serves bran cereal for breakfast every
    single morning
 7) She doesn't think he's entitiled to an opinion about
    fidelity in their marriage
 6) That little problem she has with keeping her jaws shut
 5) His sense of humor is totally wasted on her
 4) Bobbie makes kids watch Barney videos even though they
    really hate it
 3) Deep down Tony feels that Tiffany should have had
    custody of Lucas
 2) Found conclusive evidence that Bobbie knew Bill Clinton
    a lot better than she admitted
And the number one reason Tony should dump Bobbie
 1) Lucy's availble
"Happy, happy.  Joy, joy." Tony (at the poker game...losing)
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