Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Sean Does That Really Annoy Garcia

10) Insists on calling Garcia "butthead" over the police
 9) The way he sucks his teeth
 8) Says "Wheeeeeeeee!" whenever they turn on the siren
 7) Wouldn't know good coffee if you poured it on his head
 6) Always wants to eat at Kelly's
 5) Regales Garcia with tales of his adventures in the WSB
 4) Gets really testy when Tiffany refers to Garcia as
 3) Persists in telling every idiot hoodlum in town that
    they too can qualify to be a Port Charles Police
    Officer (depressingly true)
 2) Expects Garcia to laugh when he tells dead-assistant
    -district-attorney jokes
And the number one thing Sean does that really annoys
 1) Lets Mac in the office
"Sorry, Boss." Garcia
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