Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Might Surprise Kevin About Port Charles

10) Mac and Felicia considered among the more intelligent
 9) Making Sean Police Commissioner, not just a joke
 8) Some people like the chili at Kelly's
 7) Ned's imaginary two-foot woodchuck
 6) Opera season in Port Charles begins with reruns of "Cop
 5) Mac's booze made in his bathtub
 4) Jagger can pass the GEDs
 3) Quartermaines not yet ready to admit they need massive
    family counseling
 2) The Port Charles museum really thinks Lego Sculpture is
    valuable art object
And the number one thing that might surprise Kevin about
Port Charles:
 1) Ryan had a humongous outstanding bill at Acme explosives
"Am I early for happy hour?" Kevin Collins
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