Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Ned Could Explain Katy Bell To Lois

10) "Did I forget to tell you I had a sister?"
 9) She's his caterer
 8) Blonde, what blonde?  Never met her before in his life
 7) She's his food taster.  He's a big star now and he has
    to be careful
 6) There was something in her eye
 5) Just the Public Relations director for the Hotel he
    owns.  Now explain the hotel, Ned
 4) It was very dark and he mistook her for Lois
 3) He has a dual personality and this other guy Ned is
    going out with Katy Bell, not innocent Eddie
 2) Pharmaceuticals: she's just bought a truck load of diet
And the number one way Ned could explain Katy Bell to Lois:
 1) I'm the CEO of a big company and she has the .5 percent
    swing vote, and I'm romancing her so I can get my
    proposals passed (the truth?  Naaah...that'll never
"I love you." Ned Ashton/Eddie Maine
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