Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We'll Be Sorry to See Karen and Jagger leave Port Charles

10) We'll never know if Karen could find the hair style that
    she didn't need to push back behind her ear
 9) Gina and Stone will have to endure another tedious
    abandonment (and so will we)
 8) Intelligence in Port Charles graded on a curve
 7) Ruby's depraved plan to seduce Jagger will never come to
 6) No more amusing moments, like when Karen almost burned
    down Kelly's or Jagger spitting cookie crumbs all over
    the counter
 5) We'll never find out who Jagger's father is
 4) Who will hold up the teen romance end of the show when
    summer comes?  Brenda and A.J. have gone on to the big
    leagues and Jason's solo and....Oh, no! Not Robin and
    Stone (Mike, whatever he calls himself)
 3) This will reduce Gail's role to one day every three
    months instead of her usual one in one month
 2) The revelation of Scotty being Karen's father won't mean
    much if both the principals are out of town
And the number one reason we'd be sorry to see Karen and
Jagger leave Port Charles:
 1) Jagger gave us such great material for Top Ten Lists
    like the classic "Jagger's Top Ten Scientific Theories"
    ( *sniff*.  We'll miss them when they go.)
"Maybe there is something to this palm reading stuff."
Jagger Cates
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