Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways to Make Ryan Chamberlain Feel Better

10) A nice warm bubble bath....with Brenda
 9) Central heating in his prison cell
 8) A new prison therapist who is really easy to fool
 7) Kevin writes him a letter after discovering that the
    rest of Port Charles is brain dead
 6) Serving canned peaches in prison cafeteria...yumola
 5) Interesting article in Port Charles Gazette about
    Frisco's return
 4) Let him make a cheerful Mother's day greeting card for
 3) Mac's broken arm develops deadly infection....Tony has
    to cut it off
 2) Patent for amnesia drug finally comes through
And the number one way to make Ryan Chamberlain Feel Better
 1) Felicia straps on Rambo gear and busts Ryan out of the
"Escape?  When do we leave?" Ryan Chamberlain
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