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Top Ten Television Shows We Don't Want to See Jon Lindstrom On

10) America's Most Wanted (Dramatizations suck, heh, heh)
 9) Saved By The Bell (One word: Jailbait)
 8) Wheel of Fortune (as a contestant or host)
 7) Geraldo! (Discussing demented fans....Hey, anybody got
    one of those letters yet?)
 6) People's Court (Unless of course he could replace Rusty)
 5) Burke's Law (Even Dean Stockwell couldn't improve this
 4) Step By Step (Suzanne Sommers)
 3) Psychic Hotline (Too crowded)
 2) Barney The Dinosaur (Unless he agrees to make Barney
And the number one television show we don't want to see Jon
Lindstrom on:
 1) Baywatch...Ever again!
"My mind is a total blank."  Nicole (Summer) Eggert --
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