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Top Ten Ways We Can Tell That Mac Has A Concussion

10) Can't remember any of the alphabet now
 9) Doesn't know what Tony means when he says "pay up"
 8) Thinks Bobbie's newest hat is fashionable
 7) Actually asked Sean if he had any clues
 6) Surprised to find out "Werewolf" was cancelled
 5) Thinks Felicia, in Jenny's clothes, is vision of
 4) Now has inexplicable craving for asparagus
 3) Can't remember how to open Danish beer (tops too clever)
 2) Watches television without remote control
And the number one way we can tell that Mac has a
 1) He asked if he could have that nice Dr. Chamberlain as
    his Pediatrician
"Maybe this is the concussion, but I think this is a great
idea."  Mac Scorpio
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