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Top Ten Loony Toon Parallels in Port Charles

10) Mac Scorpio / Tazmanian Devil
 9) Luke Spencer / Daffy Duck
    "You're despicable!"
 8) Det. Garcia / Speedy Gonzales
    "Arriba! arriba!"
 7) Sean Donely / Elmer Fudd
    "We have to be vewy, vewy qwiet."
 6) Sonny Corinthos / Sylvester
    "Thuffering thucotash!"
 5) Amy Vining / Tweetie Bird
    "I tawt I taw a puddy tat. I did! I did!"
 4) Edward Quartermaine / Foghorn Leghorn
    "Boy, I say boy, what d'ya think you're doin'?!"
 3) Damian Smith / Pepe LePew
    "Mon cherie, come to me my little cupcake."
 2) Felicia Jones / Roadrunner
    "Beep, beep!"
And the number one Loony Toon in Port Charles
 1) Ryan Chamberlain / Wile E. Coyote
       |         |
       |  OUCH!  |
"Don't you know by now, Mac, I'm indestructible"
                    Ryan Chamberlain
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