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Top Ten Reasons the Idle Rich Shouldn't Play The Port Charles Hotel

10) A.J. too cheap to cover their bar tab
 9) Don't know the secret password to get in (We give you a
    hint.  It's the name of a fish.)
 8) People might think name refers to The Quartermaines
 7) Jessica's ghost haunting hallways
 6) Port Charles police love to harass innocent strangers
    passing through town
 5) A.J.'s hair blocking the doorway
 4) Bobbie and Katy Bell might sit in front row and toss up
    their underthings
 3) Ryan wants to play drums with the band
 2) Edward and Lila insist on requesting polkas
And the number one reason the Idle Rich shouldn't play the
Port Charles Hotel:
 1) Eddie Maine not an uptight-Port-Charles-Hotel-kind-of-
"I like him, he's got a day job."  Mrs. Cerullo
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