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Top Ten Ways Miguel Could Be Useful at General Hospital

10) Bedpans, lots and lots of bedpans
 9) Amy looking pretty desperate
 8) So's Meg
 7) Scenes interacting with Dr. Hardy, might be the only
    screentime Steve gets this year
 6) Jagger leaving but we still want to see subtitles
 5) Can chip in for Kevin's birthday present
 4) Can interrupt interns making out in the broom closet
 3) Might actually take an interest when you're being
    pursued by a psycho killer or ghostly apparition or
    gangster or...
 2) Someone has to take over Jagger's intellectual
    environmental concerns
And the numero uno way Miguel could be useful at General
 1) Belting out those old Menudo tunes
"Karen, esta bien." Miguel
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