Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Miguel Could Be Useful at the Outback

10) Dishes, lots and lots of dishes
 9) Cleaning out freezer for the first time in a year
 8) Finding Sean's long lost and nearly forgotten son,
    Conner frozen in the freezer
 7) He and Felicia can discuss mutual hispanic heritage
 6) Felicia had run out of silly names for drinks
 5) Mac initiating employee profit sharing to pay off
    Felicia's debt
 4) Can interrupt Mac and Felicia when they get mushy
    (If Kevin's too busy to do it)
 3) Might actually take an interest in serving customers at
    night instead of talking about their personal affairs
 2) Someone has to keep Mac away from the expresso machine
    (while Felicia's taking care of Maxie)
And the numero uno way Miguel could be useful at the Outback
 1) Can sub as lead singer when Ned refuses to show up at
    the Outback for Idle Rich gig
"I've been through worse auditions; remember, I work for Dr.
 Hardy." Miguel Morez
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