Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Anecdotes Mae-Mae Has Yet To Tell Laura

10) The time Bradley fell out of the tree and broke his arm
 9) Switching from well water to city lines in 1958
 8) Contaminated fishsticks
 7) Bradley's little sister catching the croup
 6) Husband number one finding out about future husband
    number two
 5) When the furnace blew up and killed Rover (1962)
 4) That fateful night she was kidnapped by corrugated
    Aliens with Brooklyn accents
 3) Bradley's little brother experimenting with Time Travel
    in Basement
 2) Her favorite tax return loopholes
And the number one anecdote Mae-Mae has yet to tell Laura:
 1) She's Damian Smith's mother
"I buried two husbands." Mary Mae (Bet it was her stories
 that killed 'em)
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