Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Could Go Wrong at The Next ELQ Board Meeting

10) Reginald passes out noise makers and party hats
 9) Katy Bell eats all the croissants
 8) Edward forgets the "Depends"
 7) Nasty storm blows in; Everyone trapped in mansion for
    the night
 6) Lucy unwilling to leave buffet table
 5) The rest of the board is gathered in the living room
    when Alan enters.  The group is shocked to see that
    Alan's hair has turned white over night.   Alan goes
    goofy and suggests that Lila play the piano while he
    sings.  Ned is somewhat put out that Alan is beating him
    to the punch on this singing thing.  Alan breaks into
    "Come On, Get Happy".  Monica is horrified and votes her
    stock with Damian in retaliation
 4) Two words: insider trading
 3) Katy breaks out in a rash around the lips from too much
    kissing up to Edward
 2) Quartermaine mansion chosen as alternate site for Idle
    Rich gig
And the number one thing that could go wrong at the next ELQ
Board Meeting:
 1) Entire board expires from stupidity
"That's a wonderful idea; lots of press and low overhead."
Edward Quartermaine
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