Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Could Go Wrong With the Idle Rich Gig At the Outback

10) Ned's leather pants way too tight.  Audrey passes out
 9) Felicia eats all the beer nuts
 8) Ned forgets the words to "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
 7) Nasty storms blows in; Ned unable to leave Port Charles
 6) Mac unwilling to let Lois see the receipts
 5) While on-stage at the Outback Ned is replaced by a
    luminous Giant, who tries to warn Sean of an imminent
    crime.  Alan is disposing of another body at the future
    site of the toxic incinerator.  He's murdered Edward and
    stuffed the body in a golf bag and plans to bury it
    under Mae-Mae's rose garden, as he once heard Mae-Mae
    mutter, "geeze, these need fertilizer".  Unfortunately,
    Sean isn't the least bit psychic and is unable to pick
    up on this.  Brenda is merely confused by the Giant's
 4) Two words: no towels
 3) Lois breaks a nail
 2) Outback chosen as alternate site for Nurses' Ball
And the number one thing that could go worng with the Idle
Rich gig at the Outback
 1) Neither Brenda nor Lois as stupid as Ned wishes they
"You really do have to look out for that pure stuff.  It can
kill you."  Brenda Barret
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