Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Could Go Wrong With The Nurses Ball

10) Nurse Amy's dress way too tight.  She passes out
 9) Miguel eats all the bean dip
 8) Meg forgets to send Steve Hardy an invitation
 7) Nasty storms blows in; but Bobbie shows up anyway
 6) Amy unwilling to let Meg cut in on her dance with Damien
 5) Miguel brings endangered Puerto Rican Golden Chicken
   (El Pollo de Oro) to donate to the nurses fund.  It
   escapes from its crate and wreaks havoc, causing Bobbie's
   face to freeze into a permanent gape, Steve to drop
   shrimp puffs and warm cocktail sauce on a prone and
   delighted Ruby, Audrey to rethink her position on
   Ryan, Meg to consider other career options and Damien to
   laugh uproariously
 4) Two words: Outback Catering
 3) Chain holding chandelier breaks; ruins country line
 2) Ball Room chosen as alternate site for Karen and
    Jagger's Wedding
And the number one thing that could go wrong with the
Nurses' Ball
 1) Bobbie exactly as stupid as Damian thinks she is
"Do you honestly think I am too naive, or stupid to see
through this sudden burst of philanthropy?"  Bobbie Jones
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