Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Could Go Wrong With Jagger and Karen's Wedding

10) Karen's handmade wedding dress gets caught on the
    kickstand (Has to borrow Felicia's/Jenny's wedding gown.
    New tradition in Port Charles.  Going to save brides a
 9) Katy Bell eats entire vat of wedding chili
 8) Jagger forgets the marriage license
 7) Nasty storm blows in; razor sharp ice pellets maim Ruby
 6) Stone unwilling to give rings back (he's already pawned
 5) Karen confesses to Jagger that she is pregnant and that
    she's not sure if he or Sonny is the father.  Until the
    child is born Jagger and Sonny must each prove that they
    would make a good father.  They both become Sly's Fake
    Dads and take him on frolicsome outings.  Sly
    demonstrates the nasty streak he inheirited from Bill
    by telling both of them they're his favorite Fake Dad
 4) Two words: Ptomaine poisoning
 3) Sean breaks into tears during the ceremony
 2) Conservatory chosen as alternate site for Frank's safe
And the number one thing that could go wrong with Jagger and
Karen's wedding:
 1) Jagger just as stupid as he seems
"I don't wanna go, but at the same time, the sooner I do the
sooner it's tomorrow."  Jagger Cates
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