Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Could Go Wrong With Luke's Escape Plan

10) Sonny's dress gets caught in the elevator
 9) Foster eats "vital documents"
 8) Sonny forgets his nose and glasses disguise
 7) Nasty storm blows in; hail as big as grapefruit flattens
    rented van
 6) Frank unwilling to leave behind his "girlfriend"
 5) Stone is kidnapped by guys with really bad french
    accents, taken across the Canadian border, forced to
    drink Shirley Temples and tie the stem of the cherry
    into a knot with his tongue.  Luke and Sonny get Lucky
    to read the ransom note for them, forget all about the
    escape plan, leave Foster behind to explain the
    situation to Laura (ala Lassie) and go up to rescue
 4) Two words: speeding ticket
 3) They break into the wrong prison
 2) Safe House chosen as alternate site for Toxic
And the number one thing that could go wrong with Luke's
escape plan:
 1) Sean not as stupid as he looks
"The ol' ball and chain is tightening." Sean Donely
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