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Top Ten Reasons Damian Shouldn't Go To Atlantic City With Bobbie

10) Never knows where Ned is at night.  Who's gonna watch
    the store (ELQ)?
 9) Katy Bell knows where Atlantic City is (that's a big
    disadvantage to almost everywhere Damian goes)
 8) Tony and his twelve-gauge
 7) Bobbie brings favorite Barney the Dinosaur Video
    wherever she goes
 6) Sea air makes Damian wheezy
 5) Atlantic City council forewarned of Bobbie's arrival,
    has already put in place special precautions: code
 4) Jennifer's children, Jocko and Jemimah
 3) Will miss Frank's entertaining jail break
 2) Bobbie cheats at Roulette
And the number reason Damian shouldn't go to Atlantic City
with Bobbie:
 1) She might actually sleep with him
"This is temptation calling."  Damian Smith
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