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Top Ten Port Charles Residents We'd Like To See In Just a Towel

10) Ned (Again, again, and again)
 9) Damien (as standard evening wear)
 8) Jason (out by the hot tub)
 7) Sonny (a blue towel)
 6) That sexy Doctor Tony Jones (with a surgical mask)
 5) Reginald (just want to see what he looks like without
    the suspenders)
 4) The rest of the Idle Rich (next album cover)
 3) A.J. (If he puts a bag over his head, assuming he could
    fit it over his ears)
 2) Kevin-Bunny (not the stuffed one)
And the number one Port Charles Resident We'd Like To See In
Just a Towel
 1) Mel Gibson (Okay, he's not a Port Charles resident.
    This is OUR fantasy)
P.S. To the Art Chick. You're right, NO towel for Miguel ;-)
"Hard to believe there's not a drop of alcohol in it."
Miguel Morez
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