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Top Ten Reasons Kevin Hasn't Started Work At The Hospital

10) Still staying at the Port Charles Hotel; they keep
    forgetting his wake up call
 9) Still hoping Bobbie will tender her resignation
 8) Wants to give Audrey a little time to get past her jumpy
 7) Trying to get entry visa for french chef to work in
    hospital cafeteria
 6) Ryan packed everything in the wrong boxes; still trying
    to sort it all out
 5) Meg and Amy won't tell him where his office is
 4) Looking into a career as a ventriloquist
 3) Has to work it around his schedule of annoying Mac
 2) Out drumming up business
And the number one reason Kevin hasn't started work at the
 1) W2 forms inadvertently mixed up with Laura's pregnancy
    test results
"I wasn't suggesting I counsel you." Dr. Kevin Collins
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