Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Tony Is Going To Do Now That He And Bobbie Have Broken Up

10) Clean out Scotty's closet
 9) Watch "Dr. Giggles" over and over
 8) Take favorite double-stuff oreos out of hiding
 7) Openly flirt with Amy
 6) Read all the back issues of "Mad" magazine
 5) Neglect to put odor eaters in jogging shoes
 4) Bitch at Betty for being a less-than-perfect-babysitter
 3) Introduce Bobbie's face to the sidewalk
 2) Stock up on eggs
And the number one thing Tony is going to do now that he
and Bobbie have broken up:
 1) Break down and consult Kevin
"I want as much physical distance between the two of us as
possible."  Dr. Tony Jones
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