Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Bobbie is Going To Do Now That She And Tony Have Broken Up

10) Clean out ice cream section at Piggly Wiggly's
 9) Watch "Pretty Woman" over and over
 8) Take favorite mini-skirt out of hiding
 7) Openly flirt with every man in town
 6) Read all the back issues of "Highlights"
 5) Pour orange juice over cornflakes
 4) Bitch at Tony for being a more-than-perfect husband
 3) Introduce her hormones to her brain
 2) Stock up on Prozac
And the number one thing Bobbie is going to do now that she
and Tony have broken up:
 1) Go on a multi-city psycho killing spree
"I wanted sparks and I wanted excitement; maybe I just
wanted too much." Bobbie Spencer Jones
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