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Top Ten Things Mac And Robin Are Thinking When Mac Talks To Her About Sex

10) Mac: I'm gonna kill Stone
 9) Robin: Why can't Uncle Mac respect my feelings
 8) Mac: I'm gonna mutilate Stone
 7) Robin: He's just doesn't understand what it's like to be
    in love
 6) Mac: Oooh, that...that, Stone
 5) Robin: I shouldn't feel sorry for myself when everyone
    is suffering so much
 4) Mac: Why didn't Felicia mind her own business
 3) Robin: I hope I haven't missed "Connections 2" on the
    Learning Channel
 2) Mac: Somehow this must be Kevin's fault
And the number one thing Robin is thinking when Mac talks
to her about sex:
 1) Robin: Keep it up, Buddy.  It'll be an extra hundred
    bucks on your rent
"You're not going to pull out the cucumber now are you."
Robin Scorpio
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