Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Players Are Thinking At The Next Quartermaine Poker Game

10) Edward: Justus?  Bradley's son.  That would make him
 9) Luke: If Edward ups the ante once more, we can make the
    next house payment
 8) Alan: Now, why didn't I think of hiding Ray in a rose
 7) Lee: Are those twiglets fresh?
 6) Steve: Mentioning Bradley Ward sure got a reaction.
    Maybe I'll mention Ray Conway and see who has an
    apoplectic attack
 5) Justus: If brains were gunpowder, nobody at this table
    could have shot my father
 4) Jack Boland:  I did it!  I'm guilty, guilty, guilty!
 3) Luke: What is Plucky Duck's relationship to Daffy?
 2) Edward: Damn it, Lee ate all the twiglets again
And the number one thing Lila is thinking at the next
poker game:
 1) Lila: Heh, heh, heh, I'm taking these boys to the
"I wonder... if Reginald would bring me a Bloody Mary?" Lila
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