Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Damien Thought About When Bobbie Was Holding A Gun On Him

10) Is my contract up?
 9) Is her contract up?
 8) Are blood stains covered by my deposit?
 7) Well, here's a girl I can bring home to dear old Dad
 6) Damn, I'm going to die and the only two women in town
    I've slept with are Katy Bell and Bobbie
 5) Did the Mets win today?
 4) Katherine the Art Chick is going to be very upset
 3) This isn't going to help me resolve my traumatic
    conflicts, which are deeply rooted in my unhappy
    childhood and the tragedy that involved my mother,
    which I haven't yet discussed with anyone, and
    god, isn't it bad enough that my sister is Roseanne
 2) Thank Heavens, this means that Bobbie didn't pick me
And the number one thing Damien thought about when Bobbie
was holding a gun on him:
 1) Lucy in a red teddy
"I'm allergic to mushrooms." Damien Smith
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