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Top Ten Things Katy Bell Thought of When Ned Gave Her The Ring

10) Is it edible?
 9) Thank god, now I don't have to kiss A.J.s butt
 8) Oh, I just love bright shiny objects
 7) I can't wait to fold (and sniff) his laundry
 6) Damien will be soooo jealous
 5) What to have at the wedding buffet: Champagne
    fountain, Reginald's croissants, cheese fondue, spam, a
    trough of Ruby's fire alarm chili, pork rinds, caviar
    canapes, pigs in a blanket, green eggs and ham, spam,
    assorted live rodents, radishes cut into roses, crunchy
    frog candy, raspberry tart with just a bit of rat, spam,
    breakfast cereals, fruits bats, orangutans, spam, hot
    dogs (for good buddy Mac), triple-chocolate-four-tiered
    peanut-butter-frosted-spam-filled wedding cake and spam
 4) I'm hungry
 3) Sometimes my hair hurts
 2) I never noticed before, but Ned looks exactly like a
    kewpie doll
And the number one thought Katy Bell had when Ned gave her
the ring:
 1) Meoooww!
"I thought you'd never ask." Katy Bell
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