Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Nurses Ball/Aids Benefit Talent Show Awards:

10) The Will Shakespeare Award - For Most Unexpected Ability
    To Act - Goes to Stone Cates for his rendition of Romeo.
    (Anyone else get the impression that Sutton is much more
    accustomed to stage than to television?)
 9) The Madonna on Letterman Award - For Most Churlish And
    Uncharitable Behavior - Goes to Amy Vining for not
    helping out when she should and generally being a snot
    to Lucy (our hero!)
 8) The Betty Grable Award - For "Best Gams" - Goes to
    Audrey Hardy, hands down.  (I'm insanely jealous that
    she looks that good at nearly twice my age)
 7) The J. Edgar Hoover Award - For Most Discrimanatory
    Police Officer - Goes to Sean Donely, who only wants to
    arrest people he doesn't like
 6) The Ronald Colman Award - For Best Tux - Goes to
    Sonny Corinthos.  Nice understated elegance and the
    anticipation made it seem that much better
 5) The Renaissance Man Award - For Most Positive
    Accomplishments - Goes to Jason Quartermaine, who
    handled the sound and lighting, participated in a comedy
    routine, covered for the deplorably unhelpful Amy, had
    serious quality time with Keesha, and got his father out
    of the closet
 4) The Unknown Comic Award - For Least Funny Comedy Routine
    - Goes to Mac Scorpio for his unamusing diatribe against
    teens and shrinks.  Much more amusing was the lead in
    with Mac being confused by everyone telling him he was
    naturally funny.  A.J. and Jason's comedy routine
    came in a close second
 3) The Kalmar & Ruby Award - For Performing The Most
    Insidiously Haunting Tune - Goes to Dr. Kevin Collins,
    Dr. Simone Hardy, and Dr. Monica Quartermaine, for
    "We Do Everything Alike"
 2) The Slack-Off Award - For Most Undeserved Credit - Goes
    to Bobbie Jones, who was credited with organizing the
    Ball, but never seemed to do anything but make time with
And the number one Talent Show Award:
 1) The Clark Kent Award - For Most Amazing Quick Change Act
    - Goes to Lucy Coe and her wondrous wardrobe
"It was memorable." -- Jason Quartermaine
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