Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things To look Forward To Now That The Nurses Ball Is Over:

10) Ned explaining things to Lois
 9) A.J. eating Jason's dust
 8) Kevin letting us peek at that dark side of his more
 7) Felicia and Mac not being together
 6) Luke getting a real job
 5) Mary Mae becoming quieter and quieter as Bradley's past
    is revealed
 4) Alan explaining things to Sean
 3) A mac truck hitting an unsuspecting Katy
 2) Robert and Frisco returning and perhaps actually solving
    a crime
And the number one thing we have to look forward to now that
the nurses ball is over:
 1) More preeemptions for O.J. newsbreaks
"This is an ABC Newsbreak with Tom Jennings."  -- Announcer
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