Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things to Cheer Up Tony

10) Tapioca in the hospital cafeteria
 9) Damian attacked in parking garage.  Acid thrown in his
    face.  Now less attractive than Tony (at least until the
    plastic surgery leaves behind only a minor scar)
 8) Watching "Mary Poppins"
 7) Bobbie's dress finally popping off in public
 6) Valium
 5) Having to deliver Laura's baby in a stuck elevator
 4) Power tools
 3) Having just one person tell him "No you shouldn't get
    back together with that 'ho
 2) Ice cream (Dreyer's cookie dough ice cream)
And the number one thing to cheer up Tony:
 1) Wake up and find that the last six months were only a
    dream: B.J.'s still alive, Bobbie's her usual boring
    self, Lucas still not much on talking, Ren & Stimpy on
    Nicklodeon at nine
"Happy, happy, joy, joy." -- Dr. Tony Jones
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