Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Officer Johnson Worries About

10) Will he still look this stupid ten years from now?
 9) Does Sean Donely take cream in his coffee
 8) Why does that Damian Smith guy look so familiar?
 7) Does Mrs. Donely still hold that prostitute incident
    against him
 6) Did Irene Clayton really kill Victor Lord?
 5) Pens; buy a pack and they've all disappeared by the next
 4) Why he is informally addressed as Officer Rick in the
 3) Sean asking him if he can I.D. the mugs who broke Frank
 2) Will the person he's about to arrest be yet another
    friend or relative of the Police Commissioner
And the number one thing Officer Johnson worries about
 1) What if Bobbie loses both Tony and Damian.  She might
    turn to him
"Excuse me, I'll take the satement here.  Who threw the
first punch?"  -- Officer Richard Johnson (hero, cop and
perennial extra)
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