Top Ten Lists

Mac Scorpio's Top Ten Misconceptions

10) Hot dogs constitute a romantic meal
 9) Now that I'm available they'll be beating a path to my
 8) Thinks Katy Bell is okay
 7) Sheep are sacred animals
 6) Doeesn't think Robin's sentence was adequate.  Should
    have had her caned
 5) Whales are fish
 4) Jerry Lewis is a genius
 3) Buying Robin a chastity belt, just another way of
    showing how much he loves her
 2) Ryan actually responsible for Nicole Brown Simpson
    murder.  Somehow he escaped from his chains and prison
    cell, caught a flight to California, committed the
    murders, framed O.J. and miraculously returned to his
And Mac Scorpio's number one misconception
 1) Experience and training are of no value in parenting,
    detective work or bartending
"You might think this is another example of my latent
hostility." -- Mac Scorpio
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