Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways They Could Bring Back Ryan

10) Ryan hits the bestseller list with his new line
    of children's books and Tiffany goes to interview
 9) Ryan let out on work release program.  Get's job waiting
    on tables at Kelly's
 8) Two Words: Presidential Pardon
 7) Felicia wakes up in the mountain cabin, sees Ryan
    coming out of the shower and realizes that the last year
    and a half has all been a bad dream
 6) Gets to go on tour with the Idle Rich after he writes
    them a hit song
 5) Daring escape plan involving tweezers and a package of
    dental floss
 4) Ryan abducted by aliens.  Beamed into Outback freezer
 3) Sean finally confesses that he was the one who murdered
    Jessica and doctored evidence to make it appear that
    Michelle was dead.  Ryan completely innocent, just likes
    to confess
 2) Kevin needs cornea transplant and Ryan volunteers for
    the operation
And the number one way they could bring back Ryan:
 1) Adopt-a-serial-killer program implemented.  Lila picks
"The wool of the black sheep is just as warm." Anna Lee
(Real Lila) -- Sound of Music
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