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Top Ten Adjectives That Kevin Rates

10) Funny
    Lucy - "You never did tell me what was for dessert."
    Kevin - "Oh, darn, I put it in the freezer."
    Lucy - "Can't you heat it up?"
    Kevin - "Maybe, with a little cooperation."
 9) Charming
    "I like the way you look in my house."
 8) Dangerous
    "I just started experimenting one day and never
 7) Intelligent
    "A disinterested third party would allow you to air your
    problems a little bit more rationally."
 6) Arrogant
    "Oh, I can handle Lucy."
 5) Sensitive
    "There's a lot more to Lucy than she usually lets people
    see.  She's complicated, layered, actually."
 4) Odd
    "I don't know what I like better, if I stay up all night
    and actually watch it happen or wake up and there it is"
 3) Sweet
    "It's all right Lucy, I've got you."
 2) Sexy
    "I'm going to do something truly unspeakable to her."
And the number one adjective that Kevin rates:
 1) Amazing
"Amazing is good." Kevin Collins
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