Top Ten Lists

Top Ten People You Don't Want to Invite To A Party in Port Charles:

10) Bobbie Spencer Jones (Unless of course you're one of
    those people who want to see another sequel to the
 9) Mac Scorpio (might try and tell some of his jokes)
 8) Mary Mae Ward (might be in the mood to share some
    of her stories)
 7) Alan Quartermaine (Has a habit of killing people
    before parties)
 6) Katy Bell (Catering bill would soar)
 5) Luke Spencer (Could snap at any moment)
 4) Jessica Fletcher (A bad idea for any gathering)
 3) Sonny Corinthos (Gets arrested at the most inopportune
 2) Laura Spencer (Could give birth at any time)
And the number one person you don't want to invite to a
party in Port Charles:
 1) Dr. Tony "Life is full of golden opportunities to get
    your teeth kicked in" Jones
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