Top Ten Lists

Top Ten People You Do Want To Invite To A Party In Port Charles

10) Felicia (mixes a mean drink)
 9) Jason (Doesn't hurt to have a cute, unattached guy
    hanging out)
 8) Lucy (Wears entire wardrobe in one evening)
 7) Reginald (Second cutest guy in town)
 6) Lois (Brings her own band)
 5) Kevin (He's a barrel of monkeys)
 4) Lila (Neat wheelchair tricks)
 3) David Letterman (Can read Top Ten Lists to liven up
 2) Brenda (Decorative and clever)
And the number one person you do want to invite to a party
in Port Charles:
 1) Ned (Can juggle)
"You have no idea how good I've become at keeping my balls
in the air."
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