Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Might See At Kelly's Grand Re-Opening

10) Twenty years of gunk scraped off of grill
 9) Life sized poster of Antonio Sabato Jr. over the cash
 8) Salt and Pepper in correct shakers
 7) Poor Lily, poor, poor Lily; forced to live and work
    at Kelly's and asscoiate with Miguel
 6) Return of the joyful community spirit
 5) Outbreak of Ptomaine poisoning
 4) Redecorated; celadon counters and tables, origami wall
    hangings, tons and tons of origami.  Just so damn
 3) Croissants added to menu
 2) New liquor license
And the number one thing we might see at Kelly's Grand Re
 1) Ruby; back at the counter dispensing advice, plutonium
    based coffee and illegal passports
Welcome back Norma Connolly!!!
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