Top Ten Lists

Top Ten People Who Might Have Poisoned Katy

10) Alan: Oh, just another body left in his wake
 9) Jason: Went to all the trouble to make himself a suspect
           so we had to put him on the list
 8) Monica: Understandably crabby lately and it is her house
            so why not off the interloper
 7) A.J.:  Takes after his Dad
 6) Lila: Knows exactly what effect cooks canapes ususally
          have on the unsuspecting
 5) Amy: Jealous of Katy's frequent visits to potential love
         slave, Damian
 4) Lois: Youse don't mess with girls from Bensonhurst
 3) Edward: Nobody tells him to "shut up!"
 2) Ned: Distraught over the way Katy raped him in the hot
And the number one person who might have poisoned Katy:
 1) Reginald: Well, who else would be smart enough
"Oh, I'm sure it all be over before you know it." -- Reginald Jennings
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