Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Higher On Sean's Priority List Than Ray Conway's (Accidental!) Murder

10) Flirting with Monica
 9) Buying new "Smashing Pumpkins" CD
 8) Stopping Tiffany from using lethal amounts of hairspray
 7) Teaching Mac to tie his own shoelaces
 6) Filling ice cube trays
 5) Pretending all of Garcia's good ideas are his
 4) Signing Miguel up for "Hooked on Phonics"
 3) Having desk chair reupholstered
 2) Taping every episode of "The Commish"
And the number one thing higher on Sean's Priority List Than
Ray Conway's (Accidental!) Murder:
 1) Making Officer Johnson's life a living hell
"This is an official visit." -- Sean Donely
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