Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Really Scare Katy Bell

10) Reginald with a serving tray
 9) Tornadoes
 8) Scotty coming back with a grudge and a uzi
 7) Car insurance premiums not paid up
 6) Miguel uses the same shampoo she does
 5) Allergic reaction to cubic zirconium
 4) Only person who actually understands her is Lucy
 3) Broke and homeless, Katy begs for scraps and loose
    change behind Kelly's and on the streets of Port
    Charles.  Lucy offers to hire Katy as her handmaiden,
    but Katy rejects the offer and goes to live in the
    catacombs.  She and Charlie strike up an intimate
    friendship before Katy is permanently carted off
    to the Port Charles home for the terminally insipid
 2) Not invited to ELQ Christmas Party
And the number one thing that really scares Katy
 1) A little Nedling might be on the way
"Couldn't I have just one little diamond." -- Dream Katy
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