Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Really Scare Keesha

10) Granny Mae with a photo album
 9) Left turns
 8) Psychic powers coming back
 7) Finding out Mae-Mae isn't paying her.  Has to go
    out and find a real job
 6) Miguel looking for a date
 5) The microwave oven
 4) Only person who actually understands her is A.J.
 3) Jason proposes marriage; they elope.  Blood tests reveal
    that Jason is actually her sister.  They have the
    marriage annulled and go shopping for matching dresses
    to wear to Jason's debutante ball.  To their horror
    Bobbie shows up in the same dress
 2) Forced to become a lawyer
And the number one thing that really scares Keesha
 1) Jason shows no signs of going past first base
"You taught me to think for myself." -- Keesha Ward
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