Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Really Scare Damian

10) Bobbie and an ice bucket
 9) Handicapped spaces all taken
 8) Jennifer coming back to Port Charles after divorcing
    Billy "Bags" Boggs
 7) Really having to come up with that 25,000 dollar reward
 6) Katy dumps Damian once again.  This time for the super
    rich pop star, Miguel Morez
 5) Punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
 4) Only person who actually understands him is Ned
 3) Broke and homeless, Damian is taken in by Ruby who
    makes him work as a fry cook during the day and her
    boy-toy at night.  Katy hangs around outside the kitchen
    door each morning begging for scraps and loose change.
    Desperate, Damian asks his father for help.  Frank
    laughs hysterically and recommends a gourmet cooking
 2) Cusak turns state evidence
And the number one thing that really scares Damian
 1) Emotional intimacy
("Get out!") "Get out!" -- Coma Katy and her echo Damian
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