Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Really Scare Sonny

10) Karen and the pole
 9) Heights
 8) Disco coming back
 7) L&B's first quarterly report
 6) Miguel beginning to confide in him
 5) Subways
 4) Only person who actually understands him is Ruby
 3) After Luke opens the blues club he has a blast from the
    past inspiration and decides to hold a psychic friends
    show, using his pyschometric powers.  He gets an
    impression from Mae Mae's scarf and intuits that she and
    Edward once appreciated music together.  Luke's pathetic
    performance results in an empty club and no rent.
 2) Officer Johnson remembers where he first saw Sonny
And the number one thing that really scares Sonny:
 1) Brenda's EPT test turns pink
"I don't think the Brooklyn song will work." -- Sonny
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