Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Really Scare Ned

10) Katy in a hot tub
 9) Thunder
 8) Tracy coming back
 7) ELQ Christmas party
 6) Miguel wanting to sing duets
 5) Roller Coasters
 4) Only person who actually understands him is Brenda
 3) Lois agrees to get back together with him on the
    condition that he go to work at the Bradley Ward House
    doing cooking and cleaning. Mary Mae insists on teaching
    Nedly how to knit and telling him stories about her
    angelic children and dead husbands
 2) Sean tired of waiting for a clue; arrests everyone in
    the mansion
And the number one thing that really scares Ned:
 1) Threatening the family jewels
"Just like the lesson that Justus Ward had to learn, huh?" -- Ned
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