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Top Ten Ways To Recognize a Days of Our Lives Refugee

10) They wonder why Kayla is being such a nasty bitch
 9) They're so happy to see Marty Davich in the credits
 8) Get all weepy when they hear Danny Boy. (Like us)
 7) Everytime you say some story on GH is unlikely
    they can come back with something much worse from
 6) Didn't realize that comedy could be used on soaps
    (at least not since Eugene and Calliope left)
 5) Somewhat immune to Miguel having had large doses
    of Austin
 4) Delighted by continuity
 3) Weird "fruit and nut" nicknames
 2) Still wonder what Tommy is doing up in the attic
And the number one way to recognize a Days of Our Lives
 1) Relishing the new concept of feminism
"You're acting like this is Days of Our Lives!" -- Thomas "Heart and Souls"
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