Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Jobs That Damian Could Get Now That He's Broke

10) Waiting tables at Kelly's (Luke should have thought
    about that.  Now there's vengeance)
 9) Deception model for the mens line (Come on Lucy, be big
    about it.  He's the perfect symbol for the company)
 8) Could run errands for Sonny (Stone seems to be paying
    less attention to his job lately)
 7) Computer consultant (Let's get PC on the information
 6) Join the PC Police Department. (Why not?  Sean's an
    ex-con, Jagger robbed Kelly's, at least Damian's never
    been convicted of anything.)
 5) McDonald's Fry Cook (Ah, can you see him in the little
 4) He could run for city councilman
 3) Takes out another loan, buys the property Edward and
    his gang have to dump in the Charles Street Neighborhood
    because Ned's decided to build the incinerator in a cow
    pasture.  Damian becomes one hell of slum lord
 2) Lucky hires Damian to sell worm garbage disposals
And the number one job Damian could get now that he's broke:
 1) Handing out towels at the YMCA gym (Yes, Damian, Keeper
    of the Towels)
"Go away, Bobbie." -- Damian Smith
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