Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Have Been Bothering Amy Lately

10) All her roommates have disappeared; has to pay rent
    all by herself
 9) Everytime she propositions paramedic boyfriend he claims
    to have an "emergency"
 8) Not so much as a postcard from dear sister, Laura
 7) Can't get the hang of anal thermometer
 6) Still haven't gotten settlement in breast-implant suit
 5) O.J. trial might interrupt soaps
 4) Distressed to learn that she's now the SENIOR nurse on
    floor staff. (Jesse twirling in her grave)
 3) Bobbie's dog-in-the-manger attitude about Damian
    (at least leave him functional for the rest of us)
 2) Roots showing
And the number one thing that's been bothering Amy lately:
 1) The precarious Hatian situation
"Oh, he's not so bad." -- Amy Vining
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