Top Ten Lists

Top Ten High Points In Officer Rick Johnson's Law Enforcement Career

10) Picking up the Commissioner's wife for prostitution
 9) Letting Damian steal all the evidence in the Ray
    Conway murder
 8) Took the rap for all the rest of the cops who let
    Damian waltz in and out of the station.  Fired!
 7) New job at prison.  Got a little bit suspicious when
    Luke and Sonny busted Frank out in their silly
    disguises.  But couldn't get the phone calls through
    fast enough to stop them
 6) Strangely enough, even though he was entirely
    unsuccessful at his job as prison gaurd, he was hired
    back by The Port Charles Police Department seconds
 5) Arrested Sean's goddaughter, Robin for drunk driving
 4) Officer of the Day; fifth time this week
 3) Narrowly avoided arresting Foster for taking a bite out
    of crime
 2) Tried to arrest Foster, ended up in the catacombs
    congratulating Lucky for rescuing Damian
And the number one high point of Officer Rick Johnson's
Law Enforcement career:
 1) Teaching Foster new trick; reading the miranda rights
"Are you laughing at me?" Officer Rick Johnson (Our Hero)
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